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Whether you are an Internet surfer who just happened to land here or you came here specifically to learn more about NewBirth Cathedral, we’re glad you stopped by.

Our goal at NewBirth is to make you feel welcome and to share the love of God with each person who comes to us. We strive to create an environment where you can feel safe no matter where you are in life because NewBirth is a place where we love like Him, strive to live like Him in order to ultimately lead like Him.

There are a lot of different ways you can connect with us and we hope you will choose one of them: become a fan on Facebook, visit us here in Euclid Ohio, or tweet with me on Twitter. Wherever you are, know that there is room for you at NewBirth. Thanks for visiting; we hope you’ll come back again soon!

Pastor Michael Perryman

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Happy Mothers Day From NewBirth Cathedral

Blessed is the mom who is so overwhelmed and ready to pull her hair out, that she surrenders her life to God. She knows that she cannot rely upon her own strength. The Holy Spirit will fill her, she will decrease – allowing God to increase which will bring Glory to His Kingdom. Blessed is…


I Am New Here

  We are NewBirth Cathedral and we exist to demonstrate God’s love, compel holy living, and empower people to win. Please join us on Sundays in our impact filled and spirited services. Take a tour or our website it will help you find out more about NewBirth’s story, vision, beliefs, and Minister Michael Perryman. Next…

purple crown

Purple Royalty

  What do the Numbers, Colors, Metals and Signs in Scripture Represent? Purple – Royalty There is a very strong correlation between the subject of royalty and the color purple in the scriptures. The word, royal, means that which belongs or pertains to a king. The children of a king are said to be his…

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